Dorchester St Birinus Primary School

Dorchester St Birinus Church of England School

Excellent learning this week

The spring term is always a really good term for learning in schools. Children are settled into classes and routines and know what the expectations of their teachers are. There is some excellent learning going on around school at the moment and the children are always really keen to share what they are doing with me. This week our youngest children have continued their superheroes work by designing and making a vehicle for a superhero. Year 1 and 2 had a visit from the police this week to help them understand the work of the police. They followed up by writing about real-life superheroes.

Hazel Class were also visited by the police and learned about anti-bullying. They have also been writing questions about the Anglos-Saxons and learning about factor pairs.

Oak Class have been looking at some of the descriptive language in The Wind in The Willows. They have been considering the major organs in the body and enjoyed showing me how they know what size their heart is. They have also started considering how clothing can reflect belief and have been discussing items such as the kippah, burkas, hijabs and turbans.

Over the last couple of weeks we have had lots of visitors in school as people choose their school places for September. Everyone has commented about how polite our children are and how happy our school is. We are very proud of all our community. Well done everyone. Keep it up!