Dorchester St Birinus Primary School

Dorchester St Birinus Church of England School

Another hard working week at DSB


I enjoyed a wonderful walk with Hedgehog Class on Monday afternoon. We took clipboards out and went to look for different kinds of transport. Amazingly, we spotted all sorts of different vehicles. We only got a little distracted by some new born lambs and ice cream from the kind folk at the Snug Café. Thank you!

Squirrel Class have been learning about marine animals this week and a giant blue whale has appeared in their classroom. They have informed me that it is only a baby and that an adult would be the size of our whole school corridor. They are so enthusiastic and excited to share their knowledge. Well done Squirrels!

Fox Class have been using the iPads this week to research their French topic. It is great to see how much information they are including in their reports. They’ve also been learning about statistics both in maths and computing.

Owl Class have had a creative week this week; creating powerpoints, clay models and learning how to Maypole dance! Year Six have been doing their end of Key Stage 2 assessment tests this week. It has been a pleasure to see them be so resilient, determined and supportive of one another during this challenging time. They have been a credit to the school this week and should feel very proud of their positive attitude. Well done!