Dorchester St Birinus Primary School

Dorchester St Birinus Church of England School


Chair/Resources Chair

 Jonathan Stewart - appointed by foundation 20.04.2022 (4 year term)

 Andy Kelly - appointed by parents 18.03.2018 (4 year term)

Finance and Resources Committee

 Andy Kelly (Chair)

 Jonathan Stewart

Adam Brady appointed by parents 03.01.2023

 Jo Staples - Headteacher 01.09.2020 ex officio

 Richard Winslet - appointed by Board of Governors 01.05.2019 (4 year term)

Headteacher Appraisal Committee

 Jonathan Stewart

 Sarah Gauden - appointed by Diocese 01.10.2019 (4 year term)

  Andy Kelly

Headteacher Recruitment Panel

 Jonathan Stewart

 Georgie Clarke (Clerk) appointed by Board of Governors

 Sarah Gauden

 Andy Kelly

Pupils & Curriculum Committee

 Annabel Eade - appointed by staff 25.01.2020 (4 year term)

 Sarah Gauden (Chair)

 Jeannine Davies - appointed by parents Sept 22 (4 year term)

 Jonathan Stewart  

 Jo Staples

Alexa Johnson - appointed by Governing Body 27.04.2022 (4 year term)

 Safeguarding and Wellbeing

Alexa Johnson


Declarations of Interest