Dorchester St Birinus Primary School

Dorchester St Birinus Church of England School

Foundation Subjects

History and Geography

Knowledge and skills in History and Geography are mainly taught through the topics that different classes study. We have a two year cycle since we teach our children in mixed age classes.

DT and Art

Design Technology and Art will also link to topics being taught in class. Skills are built up through the years in school and children are encouraged to try new ideas and express themselves.


We follow a scheme of work called Charanga. This covers all the skills and knowledge that the Primary curriculum offers. We also value music as a way of expressing ourselves. We hold regular singing assemblies and take part in events such as Young Voices where children get the opportunity to sing with other children at bigger venues. We welcome peripatetic music teachers into school and currently have flute and piano lessons going on. In Year 3 or 4 children will also be taught a stringed instrument on a weekly basis. 


Our Key Stage 2 children are all learning Latin. We are using a published scheme to support this which follows the adventures of a mouse called Minimus and helps to build up Latin vocabulary and grammatical knowledge. We also find that exploring etymology (where words come from) is giving our children good understanding of unusual vocabulary and spelling.