Dorchester St Birinus Primary School

Dorchester St Birinus Church of England School


We follow a set curriculum for computing and link this into topics where appropriate.

Each year group builds on the skills of previous years.

Children begin learning to use the computers in the Foundation Stage. They learn how to manipulate a mouse and use a keyboard to make things happen. They will use robots to begin simple coding skills and look at the use of technology around us. 

In Key Stage 1 , children log in to their own work portfolio, consider e-safety and undertake coding using programs on the computer. They also present work using computers, undertake data-handling and use technology such as iPads to record images.

In Key Stage 2, children continue to grow their portfolio online. They begin to use programs such as Word and Powerpoint to present information. They will use excel spreadsheets to look at data and begin to code independently to create games and sequences. 

Children will continually be taught about E-safety and how to stay safe online. These aspects also come into our 'relationships' lessons.