Dorchester St Birinus Primary School

Dorchester St Birinus Church of England School

Collective Worship

Let your light shine!

Here at Dorchester St Birinus Church of England School we enjoy a daily act of collective worship. 

On a Monday, we focus on our current value. Sometimes groups of children such as school council will be involved in running these activities.

On Tuesday we spend time in class reflecting on our current values and talking about any issues that may have arisen.

Our Wednesday collective worship is a chance for us all to come together and sing worship songs. One of our favourite songs is 'Shine, Jesus, Shine' which reminds us all to let our light shine.

Thursday assemblies are special because we have visitors from the church. This could be a member of the clergy leading our assembly or it could be an 'Open the Book' assembly with a shared story from the Bible. 

Friday is the day when we celebrate our achievements in the week. Someone from each year group is chosen because they have demonstrated the value of the week so well. Their teachers explain to everyone why they are being recognised and they are awarded with a certificate, a special sticker and 5 extra Dojo points.

All our collective worship sessions start with a prayer as we light a candle, and end with a reflection prayer.